Friday, January 6, 2012

Status Update

My new year resolution is to start logging on this blog again, at least weekly if not more often.  I am going through another wave of emotions and this blog has always been a great wait to offloads my feelings. 

In the past few months, Jonathan seemed to have adapted to the new public school reasonably well.  But after paying close attention to his behavior and after meeting with the IEP team, I am second guessing if moving him back to public school was the right decision.  I guess I will never know.  He has no friends.  Not one single one.  And I do not see him being more "street smart" or feeling like he can fit into large groups any better than before.  If anything, I see him more isolated and driven into his world of video games.  He does enjoy the chess club, and the violin classes the most.  He has no problems academically (has As in all his courses except art in which he got a C).  But no one has invited him to a birthday party or for a playdate.  He has not talked about anyone and has no desire to have playdates with anyone in particular.  In his old school, he loved having playdates and he was always invited to parties.  As a matter of fact, his old friends still call him.  His playdates are with his old school's friends.  Mmmm.  Food for thought.

When I asked him if he wanted to change back, he told me that not now because he did not want to lose his friends again.  And even cried.  So I am confused. He has no friends, but does not want to lose his friends.  I need help.

I approached a mom from the previous school that I know, and asked her about the social skills group that she is taking her son to, and it sounded like a great idea.  I contacted them and I am waiting for an intake appointment.  She mentioned that I should have a private session with them to see if they can find out if Jonathan should go back to the previous private school, which was like a home for us, of stay in this one.  I will follow her advise.

On a different note, I spoke with Jonathan's new DAN! Dr. 2 weeks ago and he told me that his lab reports show that he no longer has a "mitochondrial" dysfunction.  This is huge.  In 7 years, his blood work had never been so good.  So that means something.  I don't know why the social piece is still so problematic, but I am happy with the new combination of biomedical interventions that this Dr. put him on.

More to come...