Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to Public School

For the past 2 years, Jonathan attended a wonderful private school that focused primarily in small classrooms (student to teacher ratio) and lots of movement.  He did very well there.  He overcame many of his behavioral problems.  This year we decided to put him back in public school because an area where we believe he still need to improve on is in his social skills and street smartness.  And the best way to learn is to be exposed to it.  Since he has no major sensory problems anymore (he at times can get annoyed, but he regulates very well and ignores the person/people annoying him), and since he does well academically, we took a leap of faith and put him back in public school. So far, he is doing really well.  He has an IEP to help him work on improving his social skills.  The special ed teacher focuses on helping him fit in with other kids during recess and lunch.  But he is rather happy right now.  He attended this public school for pre-school (the autism program), kindergarden and 1st grade.  So he was already familiar with the facility and remembered a few kids.  He is not overwhelmed.  He actually is in the before and after care and loves to go to school.  He got sick 2 weeks ago and missed 4 days of school and was very upset about that. So far he is getting only As and Bs in all his quizzes.  He is due to have his IEP redone by the middle of November as the school decided to do a full re-evaluation to figure out what exactly he needs help with.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Jonathan got bronchitis this year.  Based on the Dr's chart, he had not been sick since November 2009. He had 103+ fever for 5 days in a row.  He started feeling sick on October 2nd, and the Dr. did not give him antibiotics until October 7.  Poor kid had fever an a horrible cough for 5 days.  He is much better now.