Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guitar Lessons and Some Regressions

Jonathan and Vanessa started Guitar Lesson last Friday. Their Grandaunt and Greatuncle gave them guitars for their birthdays and we signed them up.  The class was a bit boring at first, but it picked up.  Jonathan did well during their first lesson in class (and of course they have to practice at home).  They also want piano lessons.  They will come later in the summer.

Behavioral Regression Observed:

This weekend Jonathan was very defiant.  He got up early to play video games and with this new Apple program (he is teaching himself how to program in Apple computer language), but at 10:30 when I told him to come bicycle ride with Vanessa and me, he complained. He rode his bike for less than 10 minutes and complaint of being tired. When we got him, I asked him to do some exercises with and complained.  We went to the Farmers' Market, and he complained. He complained all day today.  I have not given him yucca in a week (ran out).  I am wondering if it is the ammonia talking.  I'll go to Whole Food tomorrow to pick some up.