Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Dr. and Test Results!

Jonathan has had the same DAN! Dr. since 2004. We love him and he was been great.  In an attempt to learn what other biomedical therapies I can use to treat Jonathan's condition, I started investigating visiting other DAN! Drs.  I wanted a different opinion.  Sometimes it is hard to see what we have in front of us.  I reached out to a couple that I found either too hard to visit or extremely expensive. 

One of the things that has worked for Jonathan is that I never stop searching for alternatives.  I have been fortunate to be surrounded by other parents that have done this stuff before me and have great tips. One parents in the area where I live brought one of the Drs. that she sees to give a presentation for the local parents.  Something very impersonal to both help him gain more clients and help us parents learn about new strategies. 

When I came to the presentation, I was very impressed by how this Dr. spoke, and how much he knew.  Not all DAN! Drs know biomedicine like Yasko or this Dr. do. He also has a child with autism, so he empathizes well.  I decided to go see him with Jonathan on March 25th.  He saw Jonathan and all his test (a huge binder I have with all the tests I have done since 2004) and looked and me and said "you know he looks like a 1 million dollar child". I told him yes.  Then he looked at me and said "but I bet you want a 2 million dollar one" and I said yes.  He congratulated me for all the work and for how well he was.  He ordered a number of tests and sent me home.

On May 27 we had a follow up meeting over the phone to discuss his test results. The biggest issues he saw were:
  • His cholesterol was too low (123). He told me to give him Sonic Cholesterol (2 pills twice a day) and test him in 90 days.
  • His zinc was too low, but his copper looked find. Just continue to give him zinc but try to do it away from any other metals or foods
  • His mitochondrial was a bit slow.  Told me to give him L-carnitine and L-carnosine twice a day.
  • His oxydative stress is a bit high. Told me to treat it with antioxidants (Vit E and Vit C plus everything else I am giving him and test again in 90 days)
  • Prescribed Oxitocin since socialization was one of my major concerns.  1 pill twice a day, and
  • He still has MERCURY.  Jeez, that darn thing won't go away after 6 years of chelation.  He is not treating this yet.