Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baseball, Here I Come

Today was a very special day.  Jonathan earned his first game ball ever for doing a very special play in the game.  His team was pitching.  They had 2 outs and he was guarding second base.  I wasn't there, but his daddy described the play.  The other team was a the bat, the kid hit a ball and it went right towards Jonathan.  Earlier today we asked him to focus during the game because he noticed that the other 2 games we gets a bit distracted, and boy did he focus.  He immediately reacted, caught the ball and threw it to first base with enough accuracy to make sure the kid on the first base could catch it.  The kid on first base caught the ball right on time for the 3rd out.  Everyone started cheering (including the coach) for a job well done. Jonathan was so proud of himself.  At the end of the game, the coach game him the second game ball of the day for a job well done. He said "all plays are good, but some are very important.  Today's second ball goes to Jonathan for doing a great job catching the ball and throwing it to first base for the 3rd out".  I had tears in my eyes. 

The coach later wrote to us: "Folks, 3-0 is a nice start. The team we beat today is a good team. The players should be proud of our early season start. Sitting in first place is a nice feeling."  Daddy wrote back to the coach thanking him for recognizing Jonathan's play today, and he wrote to us: "Jonathan deserved the game ball. That was a very nice play he made under a lot of pressure. We will get the hitting going. I am very happy to have Jonathan on the team and enjoy working with him every practice and game."

No words to express my happiness today!