Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It Seems Like So Long Ago

I was reading old emails and came across one from the National Autism Association promoting a new plan for assistance, research and education support.  They had a very pretty video (Chase the Hope for Autism) and in it, I saw Jonathan's little face shown for just 1 second. That was very unexpected. It made my heart jump.  I had sent the NAA a picture of Jonathan covering his ears 3+ years ago which made it to one of their calendars.  Back then, his autism was very evident. He covered his ears ALL THE TIME when he was anxious or when the sounds were too loud for him to bear. Almost 4 years later, all I have is this picture and tons of memories. But I don't remember the last time he covered his ears. It was a while ago. Which shows how much progress has made.  He was 4 in this picture.  He is about to turn 8 soon, and about 85% recovered.  More research is needed.  Recovery is possible.