Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to Rethink My Strategy

The time has come to re-evaluate my strategies. I have been easing off for the past 2 month. Part being overwhelmed with work and autism stuff. Part not feeling as much pressure on my shoulder because the doctors are giving us a good prognosis. However, I think that was a bad move. I see his language getting dramatically better, but his behavior is regressing.

This weekend he did something he had not done in a long time. He put music CDs in the DVD player to listen to music. But what was worse is that he realized that the PlayStation 3 can show images on the TV while the music plays (much like Microsoft Media Player) and wanted to do that for hours. What a set back. And today, he begged me to let him watch his favorite VHS from when he was a baby: Baby Einstein. He sat on the sofa, and hummed the music while he watched the images spin. Now, that is total regression.

I am getting all his supplements back into a regimen again this weekend. I am missing few, so I'll go to the apothecary and get some on Saturday. I am also thinking that the neurofeedback therapy must have triggered something in his brain. His language (vocabulary and sentence complexity) is really much better than the past 2 weeks. Something is working. But something is not also. I am not going to stop, but I need to find out what is going on. He is now very irritable and does not tolerate routine changes without putting on a fight. He was always pretty flexible unless he was really obsessed with something. He is now very defiant. I don't get it. Not aggressive physically. Just with words and language tone (high tone, almost screaming).

We went to see his DAN! last week. Vanessa came with us and he behaved very well. He seemed pretty neuro-typical to the doctor. But that is the problem. He is not always NT. His obsession with only playing with electronics and ZERO with other toys is really bothering me. He started getting interested on board games, but he quit them also. The Dr. gave me a couple of tests to do. I will do them this weekend. And start chelation again next week.