Monday, December 1, 2008

IEP Updated - Social Goal Added

It has been a while since I last updated this blog. I have to admit that I have been having a difficult time trying to deal with regression and with the new social issues that Jonathan has at school. But time mends things.

I did make mention I believe that I was going to start Jonathan on a homeopathic drop to address his intestinal strep. I started him on the San Strep a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise, his stools normalized. They are whiter than normal which is strange, but they have a good consistency. His OCD has not changed, but his sensitivities have. We took him this weekend to get a haircut and he did not move while the lady was using the clips. I also cut his toenails and he did not complain or moved. He had mastered this a few months ago, and then his gut got out of whack and he went back to being very sensitive. Now that his gut seems to be in better shape, he is back to not being so hypersensitive to touch anymore. To me this has always been yeast, but it could be leaky gut issues that are being addressed with the drops. Hard to tell.

We met with the school representatives a week and a half ago and updated his IEP. The speech therapist was nice and said that she was going to work on his tone (sometimes he screams to his classmates in class when they are not doing something right, sometimes he doesn’t understand social cues). She said that there were a couple of programs that could help him. In addition, he is going to be pulled twice week during lunch to sit with the school psychologist and a social group that she created and also with the special education teacher assigned to him (separate days). They did not say how they would report his progress. I am a bit tired of them lying to us by telling us that they would report weekly or monthly or via email and they never do. I want him to finish this year and if I don’t see improvements by March, we are thinking about private schools.

The past 2 weeks he has been playing lots of pretend with Vanessa with small toys, mostly animals. On the downside, he has been very intense, crying all the time if he doesn’t get what he wants, or being very pushy.