Monday, August 14, 2006

Progress Since We started Yasko

I decided to combine some of Yasko's supplements with what I have been doing from the DAN! protocol. I did not simply stop DAN! and started stage 1.

So far I am extremely pleased with the results. I will try to give a short summary of the improvements.

  • First, I added a short version of Ammonia protocol (5 drops of CCK RNA and 5 drops of Ammonia RNA, and 1/4 capsule of Yucca in the morning and in the evening) - didn't see any positives or negative
  • Second, I added Intrinsic B12 and Folapro (1/4 tablet at night) - didn't see any positives or negative.
  • Third, I added NADH. Saw a lot of more energy in the morning. Teachers have always complaint that Jonathan is not a morning person. But this summer school I received great reports.
  • Fourth, I added TMG (1/8 tsp) - I think his language got a bit better, but I don't know that it was just this supplement that helped with that.
  • Fifth, I added BH4 and Stress and Behavior RNAs. He became all of a sudden more social. He started showing people his Leapster toy and tried to get them involved.
  • Sixth, I added dyflucan - his stool test showed a lot of Yeast. He had die-off for 3 days. Lots of crying. But he recovered nicely and has pretty normal stools and moods.
  • Seventh, I added Methyl B12 this passed Thursday. Ultimate test for me. He has done phenomenally on it. This passed weekend, he would not stop talking. I realize that his language is very rote still, but the fact that he said so many new words and really tried to communicate even using his "Tarzan" language, is a big deal. He interacted so much with my aunt and uncle yesterday that they could not stop pointing out all the words, sentences that he had said. He is totally engaged and wants to play with his sister all the time. Very incredible thing to witness. He is finally methylating!!!! in my opinion. So, if he does not regress by the end of this week, I would have to say that the Ammonia protocol is working for him.